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Free online skill games

Free online games of skill for those who are virtuosos of the mouse and keyboard or who wish to become.

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Skill games sorted out by most played

Skill game Bloons

Here's a game of skill in which original and amusing you have to burst as many balloons with darts.

Skill game Himalayaya

Somewhere in the Himalayas, help the yeti hit the skiers with snowballs and not get caught by the...

Skill game Spiderman

Fans of Superman, this nice skill game is for you!

Skill game Yeti Sports, part 5, Flamingo Drive
Yeti Sports, part 5, Flamingo Drive

Here's a game of skill so simple, which is reminiscent of golf, but for lack of ball, that are...

Skill game Cubefield

Be reflexes in this game of skill in 3D where you must avoid coming into collision with many blocks...

Skill game The Impossible Game
The Impossible Game

A short, quick and fun game where a player must navigate through a maze of moving objects.

Skill game 3D Ball Drop
3D Ball Drop

3D Ball Drop is a classic game of skill in 3D.

Skill game The Curve!
The Curve!

One of the best game for two or more players!

Skill game Fly Sui
Fly Sui

You ever tried to catch flies with chopsticks? No? Well, try!

Skill game Yeti Sport
Yeti Sport Skill game Mission Mars
Mission Mars

This very simple little game and very nice is the opposite of the invaders: your spaceship has...

Skill game Santa Mobile
Santa Mobile

Help Santa Claus to travel the long distance that separates him from your home avoiding obstacles...

Skill game Diamond Frog
Diamond Frog

You play a little frog who collects diamonds while avoiding the crushers.

Skill game Alien Jump
Alien Jump

Here is a small skill game simple, but not that easy, where you have to blow the little alien on a...

Skill game ISkate

Strap on your ice skating blades and get into the skating rink to collect all the gifts scattered...

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