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Free online jigsaw puzzles

Various free online jigsaws on photos or pictures of beautiful landscapes to explore the beauty of nature and the man creations destined for those who like to work their neurons smoothly.

The free games of following categories also belong to jigsaw puzzles :

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Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Wyoming Barn
Jigsaw: Wyoming Barn

A nice barn in Wyoming with some stunning mountains in the background.

Jigsaw puzzle Brain Jigsaw
Brain Jigsaw

A jigsaw puzzle game showing a fully annotated Brain.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Desert Tree
Jigsaw: Desert Tree

warm sunlight on a tree in the middle of the desert!

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Bryce Canyon 2
Jigsaw: Bryce Canyon 2

Another stunning view from the Bryce Canyon National Park, southern Utah. Enjoy!

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Zion Narrows
Jigsaw: Zion Narrows

walking in the water looking at the rock formations.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Sea View
Jigsaw: Sea View

Take a break on this bench and take a look out over the sea.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Poppy Field
Jigsaw: Poppy Field

A huge field filled with red poppies as far the eye can reach.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Autumn Park
Jigsaw: Autumn Park

Pretty greens and orange colors in the park.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Heavy Sky Sun
Jigsaw: Heavy Sky Sun

Funky weather in an English field. Hope the sheep enjoy the little sun before the rain set in.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Swirling Fish
Jigsaw: Swirling Fish

The fishes go round and round, round and round!

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Dead Tree
Jigsaw: Dead Tree

I hope noone was standing under here when the light hit.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Wall Path
Jigsaw: Wall Path

Walk the wonder path by the wall. Can you find the end of it?

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Waterdrop
Jigsaw: Waterdrop

It is incredible how beautiful something simple as a drop of water falling into more water can be.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Monet Bridge
Jigsaw: Monet Bridge

Blue Monet Bridge in a beautiful garden.

Jigsaw puzzle Jigsaw: Red Tree
Jigsaw: Red Tree

A Smashing red tree in cold autumn air.

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