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Free adventure games online for those who like various environments and characters and are virtuosos of the mouse and keyboard.

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Adventure games sorted out by top rated

Adventure game Alex in Danger
Alex in Danger

In this adventure game, your character must reach the top to the next level by removing animals...

Adventure game Temple of the Spear
Temple of the Spear

Generations ago, your people fled inside a temple and went into hiding from the Iron Soldiers.

Adventure game Leap Frog
Leap Frog

Try to rack up as many points as possible by jumping from lily-pad to lily-pad .

Adventure game Journey To The Chaos: SanZang Run!
Journey To The Chaos: SanZang Run!

Where is here? Oh...

Adventure game Fart king Bros(level select version)
Fart king Bros(level select version)

Once there was a small village there live a kind of savage who love to eat potatoes.

Adventure game Tamus And Mitta Adventures
Tamus And Mitta Adventures

Evil creatures kidnapped Sun Toys. Luckily, Mitta and Tamus can rescue them.

Adventure game Flea 2.5
Flea 2.5

Hop, skip, jump and bounce your tiny flea through up to 50 more levels of intense platforming...

Adventure game Space Station Jason
Space Station Jason

Help Jason collect all his lost cargo in this epic Platform game with a 3d twist.

Adventure game Jericho Malone & The Quest for Dubloons
Jericho Malone & The Quest for Dubloons

Jericho Malone goes through a crazy spike filled adventure in his ever unfilled quest for dubloons!

Adventure game Demons Took My Daughter
Demons Took My Daughter

Rescue your daughter from the evil (and adorable!) Demons in this hybrid platformer/defence game!

Adventure game Kiz - Critter Escape
Kiz - Critter Escape

Simon Welk's mad scientists love to experiment on Muck Critters.

Adventure game Caz-Away

Castaway game, surviving on an tropical island.

Adventure game Baby Bounce
Baby Bounce

You control a baby inside of a brick box.

Adventure game Escape from Robotron
Escape from Robotron

Help the tiny green creatures known as the Pytans to escape the robot infested planet in this...

Adventure game SplitMan

Split your character into identical clones.

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