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Free adventure games online for those who like various environments and characters and are virtuosos of the mouse and keyboard.

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Adventure games sorted out by most played

Adventure game Moon Base
Moon Base

In this multiplayer adventure game in 3D (over 13 years old), explore the surface of the moon by...

Adventure game Heli Hell 3D
Heli Hell 3D

In this superb game flying combat helicopter in 3D located in the Caribbean islands, your mission...

Adventure game Colin's Crazy Carrera
Colin's Crazy Carrera

Pilot the sublime Porsche Carrera GT, just for fun, in an environment made of Martian hills.

Adventure game Super Mario Flash
Super Mario Flash

This game comes from a famous adventure game for Nintendo declined in Flash in which Super Mario...

Adventure game City Jumper
City Jumper

In this superb adventure game multiplayer 3D, you must run, jump and climb in order to reach the...

Adventure game Smoke City to the Rescue
Smoke City to the Rescue

Here is a beautiful game helicopter flight in a 3D city.

Adventure game The Fancy Pants Adventure : World 2
The Fancy Pants Adventure : World 2

In this adventure game full of fantasy and humour, your character evolves in a oniric world to...

Adventure game Ultimate Flash Sonic
Ultimate Flash Sonic

Ultimate Flash Sonic is a flash version of the hit eponymous Sega.

Adventure game Cave Escaper
Cave Escaper

The object of this adventure game is to navigate your way through 50 levels and try to escape the...

Adventure game Paper Mario World
Paper Mario World

This game takes obviously inspiration of the original game Paper Mario for Nintendo GameCube.

Adventure game Maze Runner 3D
Maze Runner 3D

In this beautiful racing game with a 3D maze, progress through the maze of corridors to reach the...

Adventure game Grid Lock 3D
Grid Lock 3D

In this adventure game with a stylized 3D environment wire, observe, analyze and work your way...

Adventure game Alex in Danger
Alex in Danger

In this adventure game, your character must reach the top to the next level by removing animals...

Adventure game Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey

Play as a super hero of the jungle, a spider monkey as Spiderman in this wonderful game of...

Adventure game Black Ops Korean Conflict
Black Ops Korean Conflict

In this adventure game, you play as a secret agent charged with a dangerous mission into enemy...

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