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The logic and quickness games are puzzle games but they need to come to decisions or react quickly, so this category was created. Indeed, time is important here in the progress of the game because faster you are, more you reach the next level or earn points. These games are working agility or your neurons against timer except tests where only a few issues require rapid response.

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Logic game Block Swap
Block Swap

In this logic and speed game, you have 2 minutes to destroy a maximum number of pieces by creating...

Logic game Blackbeard's Island
Blackbeard's Island

Fire your cannon at the cannon balls and match colors to eliminate them before they reach the X, or...

Logic game House Of Chocolate
House Of Chocolate

The goal of the game logic and fast is to align at least three horizontally or vertically like...

Logic game Gemstone Match
Gemstone Match

In this logic game, create a line or intersection containing at least 3 identical gems to remove...

Logic game Scarf It
Scarf It

Scarfit is a fast-paced game in which you -- a colored arrow -- scarf down tokens as the clock...

Logic game Shift

This remarkable logic and speed game based on a brilliant concept carries you in a paradoxical...

Logic game Pinboliada

Like Luxor, Pinboliada is a game of precision and speed with superb graphics to form a trio of...

Logic game Lucky Balls
Lucky Balls

The goal of the game logic and fast is to eliminate balls that progress on the spiral before they...

Logic game Quick Brick
Quick Brick
Logic game Chinese Gem Quest
Chinese Gem Quest

Create matched of 3 or more gems of the same color to destroy them.

Logic game Pick Up Sticks 2
Pick Up Sticks 2

Click on a stick colored in the given color and so pick up all sticks from the screen as fast as...

Logic game The Idiot Test 2
The Idiot Test 2

As its name suggests, the test, very funny, can evaluate the IQ of a person mean by not the IQ...

Logic game 3D Maze
3D Maze

In this logic game, the objective is to lead the blue dot to the red one as fast as you can in a 3D...

Logic game Cube Buster
Cube Buster

The principle of this game of logic and speed of the table is to eliminate blocks consisting of at...

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