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Free online parlour games

Here you will find parlour games you practice on boards to several players, but here they play solo against the computer that acts as an opponent (useful when there is no companion of game).

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Parlour games sorted out by top rated

Parlour game Conquerors of the island
Conquerors of the island

The game is based on the ancient game Ludo.

Parlour game School Age: Sea Battle
School Age: Sea Battle

Classic battleships game on 10x10 cells field.

Parlour game Bataille Navale
Bataille Navale

This famous game socity naval battle that everyone knows also the version in Flash against the...

Parlour game 3D Reversi
3D Reversi

Classic Reversi, only in three-dimensional graphics.

Parlour game Dames Chinoises
Dames Chinoises

The goal of the game of Chinese checkers is to move all your marbles in the triangle in front of...

Parlour game 4 IN A ROW

Wie kent het niet: 4-op-'n Rij is een van de meest gespeelde spelletjes aller tijden.

Parlour game FG Checkers
FG Checkers

FG Checkers is a flash remake of the classic board game Checkers.

Parlour game Dames anglaises
Dames anglaises

You probably know the game of checkers in its international version practiced in France.

Parlour game Tic-Tac-Toe Deluxe
Tic-Tac-Toe Deluxe

Play classic game of tic-tac-toe.

Parlour game Puissance 4
Puissance 4

The purpose of Connect 4 is to align four pieces of his color horizontally, vertically or...

Parlour game TicTacToe

The Classic TicTacToe Game with the computer playing equally strong

Parlour game DroidDots (囲碁, 围棋)
DroidDots (囲碁, 围棋)

DroidDots is parlour strategy game, the rules are similar to those of Go.

Parlour game Domino
Domino Parlour game OXO

You are "x" and computer "o". Anyone can play this simple game.

Parlour game Code Breaker
Code Breaker

A puzzle game involving logic where you must crack five numeric pass codes in as little time as...

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