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This category includes shooting games for those who like fighting and shooting precision, but also for those who wish to unwind having fun with games such as Presidential Paintball or 2D Paintball.

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Shooting games sorted out by top rated

Shooting game Bloods Vs Crips
Bloods Vs Crips

Red or Blue? Who ya down wit? Grab ya gat, rep ya set!

Shooting game Zomblower

Physics (box2d) based game, where you kill zombies using grenades and all sort of objects.

Shooting game Panda - Tactical Sniper 2
Panda - Tactical Sniper 2

Panda is planning a heist.

Shooting game Ghost Sniper haok4:Zombie Crisis
Ghost Sniper haok4:Zombie Crisis

Code - Zombie Crisis: Let out a battlefield of many ghost-like purgatory feel calm haok sniper...

Shooting game Magic Tank
Magic Tank

A vicious scientist has taken the city with the Machine he invented.

Shooting game Ragdoll Parashooter
Ragdoll Parashooter

Eliminate the paratroopers invasion by shooting down paratroopers, choppers and armored vehicles.

Shooting game Pixels Shooters Alpha
Pixels Shooters Alpha

Destroy all invader spaceships by shooting at them. Your ship is modular,

Shooting game Deadly monsters
Deadly monsters

Your task is to kill as many monsters as possible.

Shooting game P.O.D.

ZOIDS is the new, updated version of Planetary Orbital Defense (P.O.D.).

Shooting game Funny Clown vs Balloons
Funny Clown vs Balloons

You've got a crazy circus! Then you have to show how accurately you shoot from a bow.

Shooting game Moops - Combos of Joy
Moops - Combos of Joy

Take on the role of the «Dirty Moop» as you shoot combos of happiness.

Shooting game Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire

Throw snowballs at your Facebook friends with this festive target shooting game.

Shooting game Satellite Star
Satellite Star

Your arms are only satellites of two invulnerabilities.

Shooting game Conqueror of Hearts
Conqueror of Hearts

The game trains perfectly, and then estimates skill of conquest of hearts which can be useful once.

Shooting game Stuff Blaster
Stuff Blaster

Blast a bunch of random things as they pass by shoot explode stuff

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