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This category includes shooting games for those who like fighting and shooting precision, but also for those who wish to unwind having fun with games such as Presidential Paintball or 2D Paintball.

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Shooting games sorted out by most played

Shooting game The Sniper 2
The Sniper 2

This excellent precision shooting game which puts you right back in the thick of WWII.

Shooting game The Sniper
The Sniper

Play as a sniper British parachuted behind German lines a few hours before the landing of Allied...

Shooting game 3D Tanks
3D Tanks

In this 3D shooting game against tanks, soldier, your mission is to prevent the enemy tanks to...

Shooting game Zombie Invaders 2
Zombie Invaders 2

Don't these zombies know when to quit? Oh wait, they're braindead.

Shooting game XXX-Plasticine

Help lover to get before girl.

Shooting game Colonisation

In this shooting game, you embody Indians who must defend their territory against the colonizing...

Shooting game Zombie Attack 3D: Left 4 Dead
Zombie Attack 3D: Left 4 Dead

13 levels of non stop zombie attack. Survive level to unlock more new monsters and weapons.

Shooting game Hitstick 4
Hitstick 4

Hitstick 4 is a killer shooter game where you decide how to assassinate your targets.

Shooting game Call Of Duty 2
Call Of Duty 2

In this shooting game during the second world war, kill ennemies with your weapon.

Shooting game Tiny Combat 2
Tiny Combat 2

Here is a shooting game whose aim is to protect his headquarters against the enemy advancing in...

Shooting game Hitman Mission Pack
Hitman Mission Pack

In this shooting game inspired by the famous video game Hitman, you play as Agent 47, the most...

Shooting game Fulltime Killer
Fulltime Killer

You play as a sniper with a mission to eliminate a provider of pirated copies and his bodyguards...

Shooting game Half Life 2
Half Life 2

The aim of this game is to shoot accurately and quickly on enemies that appear in the visual field...

Shooting game Flash Strike
Flash Strike Shooting game Tiny Combat
Tiny Combat

Here's a shooter that aims to protect the flag against the enemies who land to be appropriated by...

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