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Flash Ludo is a free online flash game of the category parlour games.

The Ludo (from Latin ludus, "game") is a game for children bringing in four players (3 are simulated by the computer) that looks like two peas in the game of ludo. The goal is to go around the circuit at all four pieces and bring them home before the other players. Game Rules Initially, all counters are at the base. It throws a single die. It must be a 6 to place a pawn on square one. Subsequently, we advance a pawn already on track to the number indicated by the dice, in the direction of clockwise. A pawn that ends on an opponent's piece returns to its base. A pawn which reaches the riser of color is safe. However, it will bring all four pieces at the end of the column with the correct account.

Instructions You have the green pieces. When your turn comes, your camp is flashing, click on the dice, then one of your pieces and designated by an arrow on its destination square indicated TRANSPARENCY (moving the number of spaces shown on the dice). Good luck!
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