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Counter-offensive of gravity - logic game

Counter-offensive of gravity, free logic game in flash on

Counter-offensive of gravity is a free online flash game of the category logic games.

Click PLAY - Choose level - to start the game.
Purpose: To get rid of evil baidunzi (changed after the death skull), and try to keep good baidunzi (changed after the death angel).
Stars received 100 points plus.
Game below: LEVEL - The current number of customs, SCORE - Level scores (pass faster the higher the score), RESET - to start this off, SELECT LEVEL - return to selection off screen, MENU - Return to main menu.
Every single player game can record off the best result, and added together, so that did not have a good relations which can be individually re-play that one.

*** This game is deactivated for the moment because it can't be emulated by Ruffle. ***

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Counter-offensive of gravity is a free game playable in a web browser on a computer. The games available are the exclusive property of their authors, but you can play online for free.