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FLASH街霸降龙(Flash StreetFighter XL) - fighting game

FLASH街霸降龙(Flash StreetFighter XL), free fighting game in flash on

FLASH街霸降龙(Flash StreetFighter XL) is a free online flash game of the category fighting games.

Classic Flash StreetFighter XL, KEN, RYU, SAKURA, CAMMY, and publishers LM... 6 fighters in game. The default mode to enter the Super game, feel many energy ball fill the screen.

Move: W, A, S, D. Boxing Leg: U, I, J, K.

*** This game is deactivated for the moment because it can't be emulated by Ruffle. ***

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FLASH街霸降龙(Flash StreetFighter XL) is a free game playable in a web browser on a computer. The games available are the exclusive property of their authors, but you can play online for free.