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Deluxe Pool is a free online flash game of the category billiards game.

You are an insider with mini pool 1 and 2, and many continue your learning with this beautiful 9-ball pool which gives a visual aid of the trajectory, to practice one or two. Small reminder of the rules of the game The game is played with the 9 ball and 9 white balls of color numbered 1 to 9. The player should always touch the ball first with the smallest number, but the balls need not necessarily be pocketed in numerical order. The player can pocket more balls at once with the first, but with a penalty if they are not in order. Good pool!

The visual aid shows the trajectory of the ball and the ball toward the target. The cue moves the mouse left button of the mouse maintained pressed by advancing or retreating tail adjusts the power of the shot. Click and move the impact point of the cue ball at the top to change the effect given to the ball. For every shot correctly, you score points. Do not dally: the time spent is subtracted from the final score. The "P" key pauses.
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