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Registration form for a link exchange

Exchanging hard links is a good way to increase his popularity in search engines and get new visitors. If you are a webmaster interested in exchanging hard links with this site and/or exchanging visitors, register your site using the form below under the conditions of acceptance.

Conditions of registration of your website

  • The reciprocal link must be placed on an indexed page by the search engines
    - either on your homepage,
    - or a page directly accessible from your homepage.
  • The reciprocal link must be clearly visible and not lost among many links. The page must have less than 30 outbound links.
  • Your site must send true visitors who make incoming visits and not forced clicks. No cheating is allowed and when in lesser doubt the link of the concerned partner will be deleted.
  • The webmaster may reject your site without having to justify, and reserves the right to change the title and site description you submit.
  • Are prefered: the free online games websites.
  • Are rejected: the online gambling sites, sites with a X nature, illegal sites, racist sites.
  • We regularly verify the reciprocal link exchange. If the link to is no longer present on your site, your link will be removed from our database. Thank you for your understanding.

You can express a choice on the destination page of your link on this site

By default, your link will be part of Top partners with a hard link, your banner and your description. Your site will be then ranked according to the number of true visitors sent to us. The best partners of the month are rewarded by displaying a hard link on the home page of this site.

But your link can be placed on a specific page as the home page or a games category page, or even on several pages. Just mention it in the zone "Wished page / Comment". Of course, to obtain the page you hope, the reciprocal link should be placed on one or your page which has the same characteristics as the page you target : PR, number of outgoing links, position in the search engines on the chosen keyword. The theme and the number of visitors of your site will also be taken into consideration.

A link to place on your site before you begin

Text link     Flash games


To register your website and exchange hard links with this site, it's very simple, just:

  • Place one of links above under the conditions of registration.
  • Fill out the form below.
  • Your site will be reviewed and if accepted, your link will be added to our partners.

For all other requests, please contact us via the Contact form.

Title of your site
(20 characters max)
URL of your site ou page
without / at the end
URL of the page, on your site, where is displayed the link to BambouSoft
Description of your site
(150 characters max)
Wished page / Comment
(Home, Action games, ...)
Your email address
URL of your banner 88 x 31

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